Win $25,000 From Miracle Whip.....For Your Divorce?????

Love It or Hate It; Kraft Has Our Attention!

The $25k Big Miracle Whip Controversy!

Dear $uper $aver: I’m sorry, but what the hell is Miracle whip thinking? I just saw that contest where they are giving away $25,000 as a prize to people for their wedding OR their divorce if they send in a video telling people how Miracle Whip keeps them together or caused their divorce????  I’m sorry this just makes me mad!  What do you think?  Amelia, Mundelein, IL

Dear Amelia: Honey, honey, calm down.  From your emotional reaction I am guessing that you are young and romantic and offering a “Divorce Prize” just isn’t congruent with your idea of something that should be a proper reward.  Let’s look for a minute at what the purpose of advertising is:  The purpose of advertising is to get your attention and this newest Kraft contest does just that! It appeals to the emotions of the reader.  Whether you LOVE or HATE Miracle Whip (I pretty much like any fattening food or condiment) it not only gets your attention but it elicits an emotional response.  In your case you are just, well, INCENSED!  You may not enter the contest, but guaranteed you will tell people about it and that is their goal.  It is sort of that “Made Ya Look” philosophy of old time advertising that now equates into the “viral effect”.   If they can “Make Ya Look” they got their money’s worth.

So what is the deal with this contest?  Heck, the economy sucks so much that I know some people who would actually get married or get a divorce just to try to win the $25k.  (I wouldn’t go that far myself unless Kraft paid the income tax on the prize right?)

The “Not for Every Relationship” contest was inspired by a close watch on the social media environment and the Kraft Ad Team banked on the idea that a condiment could actually make or break a relationship.  What the heck, I say, “Love it or Hate it!” (Miracle Whip) enter the contest and see if your creativity can snag you the prize.  I’m already divorced and don’t “think” I have any marital prospects that I can wrap up by the end of the contest August 23rd, so I won’t qualify, but maybe you can!

For our purposes here are the basics:

1)        You have until 08/23/2011 to submit your 60 second video

2)        Whether it is about your wedding or divorce, both parties must appear in the video.

3)        Video has to be uploaded to YouTube

4)        Winner announced on Tuesday, 09/13, 2011

If nothing else the rules and the U-Tube videos that are up so far are pretty amusing.  I’m really sort of shocked at the emotional responses that some viewers have.  Who would have thought seriously that a condiment like mayo could incite such fury in the hearts of viewers???  To see the videos go to: Videos.   To enter click HERE.  Make sure you click on the “Official Rules” section of the site in order to make sure you qualify if you are going to the trouble to make a video.  My advice is to keep it simple, keep it light & creative.  I will be watching to see how this turns out.  If nothing else they have my interest to see which way the contest goes. Honestly, I think the ad agency might win a CLIO for inciting the condiment eating public!

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