Rachael Ray Giveaways!

Rachael Ray Giveaways!

Usually each time we post is a different giveaway or contest.  This time it’s different!  I stumbled upon some great giveaways from the Rachael Ray show just in time for her 1,000 episode! You can enter to win foundue pots, Victoria’s Secret gift cards, NCIS on dvd and more!

You have to join the RR Club to be eligible for all her great giveaways, BUT it’s FREE and you have access to current giveaways, upcoming ones AND other news and offers!

Keep an eye on her site for new giveaways!  After scrolling through some information, the Rachael Ray show seems to keep up with giveaways and add new ones frequently!


  1. Chris says:

    Rachel, m’y favorite color is orange! I already havé à lot of your products. I m another kitchen gadgets queen. I dont éver havé enough. Beeing french, i lové to cook! Keep up thé good work! Maybie some day i l on one of your gavaway audience . What à dream . You r so sweet, its à Pleasure to watch you. Sincerly, chris dumanoit

  2. Jan Leasure says:

    Hi Chris; Make sure that you click on the link “giveaways” to enter Rachael’s on-going contests, giveaways and sweepstakes! ;)

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