Walgreens: Last Minute Halloween Savings!

Halloween Peeps! Who Would Have Guessed?

Walgreens & Halloween! Two favorites – Last Minute Cheap Deals! As I write the words that Halloween is a favorite holiday I have to put on the breaks and hear the words echo in my ears that as each holiday comes upon us I find myself saying, “Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas…you get the drill…is my favorite”, so just ignore that and humor me?

It isn’t often that we get an entire FOUR DAY Halloween weekend though. We’ve celebrated in the Midwest with Friday, Saturday, & Monday trick or treating, parties (adult & child) and every manner of contest, fright fest and haunted house.  It’s Walgreens however that took the holiday bull by the horns and planned to give us two days of last minute deals good only today and tomorrow! (10/30 & 10/31).

I always plan for holidays in advance. I buy on sale, use in store specials, combine them with coupons feel smug and always have left overs. Not so this year. I was completely prepared the first week of October. Decorated the office, put out 90% off talking hand-grabbing candy bowls to frighten children and startle adults.  The candy bowls worked, but between me, co-workers & assorted clients & visitors we ate too much.  A huge Main Street trick or treat event wiped us out with three more wicked days of celebrating ahead of us.  Enter Walgreens!  Redemption! 

Peeps! Check out today’s Walgreens flyer for specials that are good only today & tomorrow. Sunday and Halloween; If you like Easter Peeps, you will love the Halloween Peeps! (Pumpkins, Ghosts & Cats) 49 cents a pack (limit 6 but less than a quarter if you have Nestle’s coupons). Peeps, check out the Peeps Site or Peeps FaceBook for coupons.

Fun Size Bags! Also, Hershey’s, Mar’s or Nestle’s Fun Size bags $2.49 (you get a 50 cent register reward) You can whittle these down to 99 cents a bag if you combine Register Rewards and recent $1 Hershey coupons.  Nestle $1 Coupons

COSTUMES! If you are in a pinch for a costume today and tomorrow you can save five bucks each (on up to three) Walgreen’s costumes starting at $14.99.

If you are grabbing candy & costumes last minute don’t forget to check with local retailers and competitor’s stores for close outs that might match or provide deeper discounts than the illustrations I am using here!  Don’t be shy. Share your Walgreens and Halloween deals with us!





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